TGGS Inc.’s team is experienced in developing systems and applications for wired and wireless communications, such as network testing and management (QoS), BSS/OSS, and mobile value-added services (VAS)

Our expertise improves your operating efficiency while retaining customer loyalty and increasing market share. We help accelerate product innovation, increase go-to-market speeds, and lower product development and support expenses.

We provide end-to-end information technology consulting, systems integration, technical capabilities in core network technologies, and custom application development and maintenance services for the Telecommunications industry.

Our range of services includes:
  • Order and Service Management
  • Workforce Automation
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) exchanges
  • Operation and business support system
  • Billing and mediation
  • Wireless Enabling for business users
  • Integration with packaged and standard solutions
  • Customization and Localization Services
  • Product design and development
  • Embedded software development and testing
  • Software integration services networks.

The hallmarks of TGGS Inc. are the quality of its staff and its continued commitment to develop and maintain leading-edge technology, particularly in the Telecommunication Domain, Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development, and Software Testing/Quality Assurance.

We undertake complex software testing tasks for telecom equipment, communication and wireless industry across both platform and device. TGGS Inc.’s strongest capability is in helping customers -- wireless technology / service providers, communication / telecommunication equipment and product developers - get the most value out of their testing through high-volume test automation on a complex blend of hardware and software platforms.

By integrating extensive domain knowledge and experience with industry leading software technology, we reflect our core competency: providing complete and efficient solutions for complex

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TGGS Inc. has been providing exceptional business consulting services for the past 4 years. Our commitment is to help organizations run at their utmost efficiency by improving performance and reducing overhead.

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